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BLURAY_DISC_INFO Struct Reference

Public Attributes

uint8_t bluray_detected
uint8_t first_play_supported
uint8_t top_menu_supported
uint32_t num_hdmv_titles
uint32_t num_bdj_titles
uint32_t num_unsupported_titles
uint8_t aacs_detected
uint8_t libaacs_detected
uint8_t aacs_handled
uint8_t bdplus_detected
uint8_t libbdplus_detected
uint8_t bdplus_handled
int aacs_error_code
int aacs_mkbv
uint8_t disc_id [20]
uint8_t bdj_detected
uint8_t bdj_supported
uint8_t libjvm_detected
uint8_t bdj_handled
uint8_t bdplus_gen
uint32_t bdplus_date
uint8_t video_format
uint8_t frame_rate
uint8_t content_exist_3D
uint8_t initial_output_mode_preference
uint8_t provider_data [32]
uint32_t num_titles
const BLURAY_TITLE *const * titles
const BLURAY_TITLEfirst_play
const BLURAY_TITLEtop_menu
char bdj_org_id [9]
char bdj_disc_id [33]
const char * udf_volume_id

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