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dr_4c.h File Reference

Application interface for the time shifted service descriptor decoder and generator. More...

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Data Structures

struct  dvbpsi_tshifted_service_dr_s
 struct dvbpsi_tshifted_service_dr_s More...


typedef struct
 dvbpsi_tshifted_service_dr_t type definition.


dvbpsi_tshifted_service_dr_tdvbpsi_DecodeTimeShiftedServiceDr (dvbpsi_descriptor_t *p_descriptor)
 "time shifted service" descriptor decoder. More...
dvbpsi_descriptor_tdvbpsi_GenTimeShiftedServiceDr (dvbpsi_tshifted_service_dr_t *p_decoded, bool b_duplicate)
 "time shifted service" descriptor generator. More...

Detailed Description

Application interface for the time shifted service descriptor decoder and generator.

Jean-Paul Saman Application interface for the DVB time shifted service descriptor descriptor decoder and generator. This descriptor's definition can be found in ETSI EN 300 468 section 6.2.45.

Function Documentation

dvbpsi_tshifted_service_dr_t * dvbpsi_DecodeTimeShiftedServiceDr ( dvbpsi_descriptor_t p_descriptor)

"time shifted service" descriptor decoder.

p_descriptorpointer to the descriptor structure
a pointer to a new "time shifted service" descriptor structure which contains the decoded data.
dvbpsi_descriptor_t * dvbpsi_GenTimeShiftedServiceDr ( dvbpsi_tshifted_service_dr_t p_decoded,
bool  b_duplicate 

"time shifted service" descriptor generator.

p_decodedpointer to a decoded "time shifted service" descriptor structure
b_duplicateif true then duplicate the p_decoded structure into the descriptor
a pointer to a new descriptor structure which contains encoded data.