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dr_8a.h File Reference

CUE Identifier descriptor parsing. More...

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Data Structures

struct  dvbpsi_cuei_dr_s
 "CUE Identifier" descriptor structure. More...


typedef struct dvbpsi_cuei_dr_s dvbpsi_cuei_dr_t
 dvbpsi_cuei_dr_t type definition.


dvbpsi_cuei_dr_tdvbpsi_DecodeCUEIDr (dvbpsi_descriptor_t *p_descriptor)
 "CUEI" descriptor decoder. More...
dvbpsi_descriptor_tdvbpsi_GenCUEIDr (dvbpsi_cuei_dr_t *p_decoded, bool b_duplicate)
 "CUEI" descriptor generator. More...

Detailed Description

CUE Identifier descriptor parsing.

Jean-Paul Saman CUE Identifier descriptor parsing, according to SCTE 35 2004 section 6.2.

Function Documentation

dvbpsi_cuei_dr_t * dvbpsi_DecodeCUEIDr ( dvbpsi_descriptor_t p_descriptor)

"CUEI" descriptor decoder.

p_descriptorpointer to the descriptor structure
a pointer to a new "CUEI" descriptor structure which contains the decoded data.
dvbpsi_descriptor_t * dvbpsi_GenCUEIDr ( dvbpsi_cuei_dr_t p_decoded,
bool  b_duplicate 

"CUEI" descriptor generator.

p_decodedpointer to a decoded "CUEI" descriptor structure
b_duplicateif true then duplicate the p_decoded structure into the descriptor
a pointer to a new descriptor structure which contains encoded data.