libdvbpsi  2.0.0-git
Data Fields
dvbpsi_aac_dr_s Struct Reference

"AAC Audio" descriptor structure. More...

Data Fields

dvbpsi_aac_profile_and_level_t i_profile_and_level
bool b_type
dvbpsi_aac_type_t i_type
uint8_t i_additional_info_length
uint8_t * p_additional_info

Detailed Description

"AAC Audio" descriptor structure.

The AAC Audio descriptor is used to label the PIDs that carry AAC audio data.

Field Documentation

bool dvbpsi_aac_dr_s::b_type

Indicates presence of AAC type information.

uint8_t dvbpsi_aac_dr_s::i_additional_info_length

Length of additional info bytes fields

dvbpsi_aac_profile_and_level_t dvbpsi_aac_dr_s::i_profile_and_level

Specifies the Profile and Level used in MPEG-4 AAC, MPEG-4 HE AAC or MPEG-4 HE AAC v2 according to table 2-71 in ISO/IEC 13818-1:2007/AMD1 [18].

dvbpsi_aac_type_t dvbpsi_aac_dr_s::i_type

AAC type information,

See also
enum dvbpsi_aac_type_t
uint8_t* dvbpsi_aac_dr_s::p_additional_info

additional info bytes field. Memory is allocated right after sizeof struct, when freeing this struct the additional info bytes field is freed at the same time.

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