libdvbpsi  2.0.0-git
Data Fields
dvbpsi_ac3_audio_dr_s Struct Reference

AC-3 Audio Descriptor. More...

Data Fields

uint8_t i_sample_rate_code
uint8_t i_bsid
uint8_t i_bit_rate_code
uint8_t i_surround_mode
uint8_t i_bsmod
uint8_t i_num_channels
int b_full_svc
uint8_t i_lang_code
uint8_t i_lang_code2
uint8_t i_mainid
uint8_t i_priority
uint8_t i_asvcflags
uint8_t i_textlen
int b_text_code
unsigned char text [128]
int b_language_flag
int b_language_flag_2
uint8_t language [3]
uint8_t language_2 [3]

Detailed Description

AC-3 Audio Descriptor.

This structure is used to store a decoded AC-3 Audio descriptor.

Field Documentation

int dvbpsi_ac3_audio_dr_s::b_full_svc

full SVC flag

int dvbpsi_ac3_audio_dr_s::b_language_flag

language flag

int dvbpsi_ac3_audio_dr_s::b_language_flag_2

language flag

int dvbpsi_ac3_audio_dr_s::b_text_code

text code is present

uint8_t dvbpsi_ac3_audio_dr_s::i_asvcflags

asvc flags (8bits)

uint8_t dvbpsi_ac3_audio_dr_s::i_bit_rate_code

bitrate code (6bits)

uint8_t dvbpsi_ac3_audio_dr_s::i_bsid

bsid (5bits)

uint8_t dvbpsi_ac3_audio_dr_s::i_bsmod


uint8_t dvbpsi_ac3_audio_dr_s::i_lang_code

language code (8bits)

uint8_t dvbpsi_ac3_audio_dr_s::i_lang_code2

language code (8bits(

uint8_t dvbpsi_ac3_audio_dr_s::i_mainid

main identifier (3bits)

uint8_t dvbpsi_ac3_audio_dr_s::i_num_channels

number of audio channels (4bits)

uint8_t dvbpsi_ac3_audio_dr_s::i_priority

priority (2bits)

uint8_t dvbpsi_ac3_audio_dr_s::i_sample_rate_code

sample rate code (3bits)

uint8_t dvbpsi_ac3_audio_dr_s::i_surround_mode

surround mode indicator (2bits)

uint8_t dvbpsi_ac3_audio_dr_s::i_textlen

text length (7bits)

uint8_t dvbpsi_ac3_audio_dr_s::language[3]

language code

uint8_t dvbpsi_ac3_audio_dr_s::language_2[3]

language code

unsigned char dvbpsi_ac3_audio_dr_s::text[128]

text code

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