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Data Fields
dvbpsi_atsc_eit_s Struct Reference

ATSC EIT structure. More...

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Data Fields

uint8_t i_table_id
uint16_t i_extension
uint8_t i_version
bool b_current_next
uint16_t i_source_id
uint8_t i_protocol

Detailed Description

ATSC EIT structure.

This structure is used to store a decoded EIT.

Field Documentation

◆ b_current_next

bool dvbpsi_atsc_eit_s::b_current_next


◆ i_extension

uint16_t dvbpsi_atsc_eit_s::i_extension

subtable id

◆ i_protocol

uint8_t dvbpsi_atsc_eit_s::i_protocol

PSIP Protocol version

◆ i_source_id

uint16_t dvbpsi_atsc_eit_s::i_source_id

Source id used to match against channels

◆ i_table_id

uint8_t dvbpsi_atsc_eit_s::i_table_id

table id

◆ i_version

uint8_t dvbpsi_atsc_eit_s::i_version


◆ p_first_descriptor

dvbpsi_descriptor_t* dvbpsi_atsc_eit_s::p_first_descriptor

First descriptor structure.

◆ p_first_event

dvbpsi_atsc_eit_event_t* dvbpsi_atsc_eit_s::p_first_event

First event information structure.

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