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Data Fields
dvbpsi_atsc_ett_s Struct Reference

ATSC ETT structure. More...

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Data Fields

uint8_t i_table_id
uint16_t i_extension
uint8_t i_version
bool b_current_next
uint8_t i_protocol
uint32_t i_etm_id
uint32_t i_etm_length
uint8_t * p_etm_data

Detailed Description

ATSC ETT structure.

The Extended Text Table (ETT) contains Extended Text Message (ETM) streams. They provide detailed descriptions of virtual channels (channel ETM) and (event ETM). An ETM consist of a multiple string data structure (see Section 6.10), and thus, it may represent a description in several different languages (each string corresponding to one language).

Field Documentation

bool dvbpsi_atsc_ett_s::b_current_next


uint32_t dvbpsi_atsc_ett_s::i_etm_id

ETM Identifier, made up of source id and event id (or 0 for channel ETT)

uint32_t dvbpsi_atsc_ett_s::i_etm_length

length of p_etm_data

uint16_t dvbpsi_atsc_ett_s::i_extension

subtable id: ETT Table ID extension, normally 0x0000

uint8_t dvbpsi_atsc_ett_s::i_protocol

PSIP Protocol version

uint8_t dvbpsi_atsc_ett_s::i_table_id

table id

uint8_t dvbpsi_atsc_ett_s::i_version


uint8_t* dvbpsi_atsc_ett_s::p_etm_data

ETM data organized as a multiple string structure

dvbpsi_descriptor_t* dvbpsi_atsc_ett_s::p_first_descriptor

First descriptor.

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