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Data Fields
dvbpsi_atsc_vct_channel_s Struct Reference

VCT channel structure. More...

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Data Fields

uint8_t i_short_name [14]
uint16_t i_major_number
uint16_t i_minor_number
uint8_t i_modulation
uint32_t i_carrier_freq
uint16_t i_channel_tsid
uint16_t i_program_number
uint8_t i_etm_location
bool b_access_controlled
bool b_path_select
bool b_out_of_band
bool b_hidden
bool b_hide_guide
uint8_t i_service_type
uint16_t i_source_id
struct dvbpsi_atsc_vct_channel_sp_next

Detailed Description

VCT channel structure.

This structure is used to store a decoded VCT channel information.

Field Documentation

◆ b_access_controlled

bool dvbpsi_atsc_vct_channel_s::b_access_controlled

Whether the channel is scrambled.

◆ b_hidden

bool dvbpsi_atsc_vct_channel_s::b_hidden

Not accessible directly by the user.

◆ b_hide_guide

bool dvbpsi_atsc_vct_channel_s::b_hide_guide

Whether the channel should not be displayed in the guide.

◆ b_out_of_band

bool dvbpsi_atsc_vct_channel_s::b_out_of_band

Whether the channel is carried on the out-of-band physical transmission channel, only used by CVCT.

◆ b_path_select

bool dvbpsi_atsc_vct_channel_s::b_path_select

Path selection, only used by CVCT.

◆ i_carrier_freq

uint32_t dvbpsi_atsc_vct_channel_s::i_carrier_freq

Carrier center frequency.

◆ i_channel_tsid

uint16_t dvbpsi_atsc_vct_channel_s::i_channel_tsid

Channel Transport stream id.

◆ i_etm_location

uint8_t dvbpsi_atsc_vct_channel_s::i_etm_location

Extended Text Message location.

◆ i_major_number

uint16_t dvbpsi_atsc_vct_channel_s::i_major_number

Channel major number

◆ i_minor_number

uint16_t dvbpsi_atsc_vct_channel_s::i_minor_number

Channel minor number

◆ i_modulation

uint8_t dvbpsi_atsc_vct_channel_s::i_modulation

Modulation mode.

◆ i_program_number

uint16_t dvbpsi_atsc_vct_channel_s::i_program_number

Channel MPEG program number.

◆ i_service_type

uint8_t dvbpsi_atsc_vct_channel_s::i_service_type

Channel type.

◆ i_short_name

uint8_t dvbpsi_atsc_vct_channel_s::i_short_name[14]

Channel name (7*UTF16-BE)

◆ i_source_id

uint16_t dvbpsi_atsc_vct_channel_s::i_source_id

Programming source associated with the channel.

◆ p_first_descriptor

dvbpsi_descriptor_t* dvbpsi_atsc_vct_channel_s::p_first_descriptor

First descriptor.

◆ p_next

struct dvbpsi_atsc_vct_channel_s* dvbpsi_atsc_vct_channel_s::p_next

next element of the list

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