libdvbpsi  2.0.0-git
Data Fields
dvbpsi_demux_s Struct Reference

subtable demultiplexor structure More...

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Data Fields

DVBPSI_DECODER_COMMON dvbpsi_demux_subdec_tp_first_subdec
dvbpsi_demux_new_cb_t pf_new_callback
void * p_new_cb_data

Detailed Description

subtable demultiplexor structure

This structure contains the subtables demultiplexor data, such as the decoders and new subtable callback.

Field Documentation

◆ p_first_subdec

DVBPSI_DECODER_COMMON dvbpsi_demux_subdec_t* dvbpsi_demux_s::p_first_subdec

First subtable decoder

◆ p_new_cb_data

void* dvbpsi_demux_s::p_new_cb_data

Data provided to the previous callback

◆ pf_new_callback

dvbpsi_demux_new_cb_t dvbpsi_demux_s::pf_new_callback

New subtable callback

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