libdvbpsi  2.0.0-git
Data Fields
dvbpsi_frequency_list_dr_s Struct Reference

Frequency List Descriptor. More...

Data Fields

uint8_t i_coding_type
uint8_t i_number_of_frequencies
uint32_t p_center_frequencies [63]

Detailed Description

Frequency List Descriptor.

This structure is used to store a decoded Frequency List descriptor.

Field Documentation

uint8_t dvbpsi_frequency_list_dr_s::i_coding_type

Coding type, 1 = Satellite, 2 = Cable, 3 = Terrestrial

uint8_t dvbpsi_frequency_list_dr_s::i_number_of_frequencies

Number of center frequencies present

uint32_t dvbpsi_frequency_list_dr_s::p_center_frequencies[63]

Center frequency as defined by a delivery_system_descriptor

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