libdvbpsi  2.0.0-git
Data Fields
dvbpsi_lcn_entry_s Struct Reference

Logical Channel Number Entry. More...

Data Fields

uint16_t i_service_id
int b_visible_service_flag
uint16_t i_logical_channel_number

Detailed Description

Logical Channel Number Entry.

This structure is used to store a decoded Logical Channel Number entry.

Field Documentation

int dvbpsi_lcn_entry_s::b_visible_service_flag

Whether this LCN should be visible to the user.

uint16_t dvbpsi_lcn_entry_s::i_logical_channel_number

The logical channel number for this service.

uint16_t dvbpsi_lcn_entry_s::i_service_id

Service ID this logical channel number refers to

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