libdvbpsi  2.0.0-git
Data Fields
dvbpsi_sis_splice_time_s Struct Reference

splice_time() splice definition More...

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Data Fields

bool b_time_specified_flag
uint64_t i_pts_time

Detailed Description

splice_time() splice definition

Field Documentation

◆ b_time_specified_flag

bool dvbpsi_sis_splice_time_s::b_time_specified_flag

signals presence of PTS time field

◆ i_pts_time

uint64_t dvbpsi_sis_splice_time_s::i_pts_time

time in terms of ticks of the program’s 90 kHz clock. This field, when modified by pts_adjustment, represents the time of the intended splice point.

◆ p_next

dvbpsi_sis_splice_time_t* dvbpsi_sis_splice_time_s::p_next

next splice_time() entry

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