VLC  4.0.0-dev
Deprecated List
Global libvlc_media_is_parsed (libvlc_media_t *p_md)
This can return true in case of failure. Use libvlc_media_get_parsed_status() instead
Global libvlc_media_parse (libvlc_media_t *p_md)
This function could block indefinitely. Use libvlc_media_parse_with_options() instead
Global libvlc_media_parse_async (libvlc_media_t *p_md)
You can't be sure to receive the libvlc_MediaParsedChanged event (you can wait indefinitely for this event). Use libvlc_media_parse_with_options() instead
Global libvlc_MediaListViewItemAdded
No longer used.
Global libvlc_MediaListViewItemDeleted
No longer used.
Global libvlc_MediaListViewWillAddItem
No longer used.
Global libvlc_MediaListViewWillDeleteItem
No longer used.
Module libvlc_playlist
Use LibVLC media list instead.
Global net_Accept (vlc_object_t *obj, int *fds)
This function exists for backward compatibility. Use vlc_accept() or vlc_accept_i11e() in new code.
Global vlc_tls_SocketOpen (int fd)
This function is transitional. Do not use it directly.