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LibVLC playlist (legacy)
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file  deprecated.h
 LibVLC deprecated playlist API.


LIBVLC_DEPRECATED LIBVLC_API void libvlc_playlist_play (libvlc_instance_t *p_instance, int i_id, int i_options, char **ppsz_options)
 Start playing (if there is any item in the playlist). More...

Detailed Description

Use LibVLC media list instead.

Function Documentation

LIBVLC_DEPRECATED LIBVLC_API void libvlc_playlist_play ( libvlc_instance_t p_instance,
int  i_id,
int  i_options,
char **  ppsz_options 

Start playing (if there is any item in the playlist).

Additionnal playlist item options can be specified for addition to the item before it is played.

p_instancethe playlist instance
i_idthe item to play. If this is a negative number, the next item will be selected. Otherwise, the item with the given ID will be played
i_optionsthe number of options to add to the item
ppsz_optionsthe options to add to the item