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Collaboration diagram for Stream output:


 Audio, video and text encoders.
 Access output
 Raw output byte streams.
 Multiplexers (file formatters)


file  vlc_sout.h
 Stream output modules interface.

Data Structures

struct  sout_instance_t
 Stream output instance (FIXME: should be private to src/ to avoid invalid unsynchronized access) More...
struct  sout_stream_t
struct  sout_description_data_t
 Description module. More...


#define sout_EncoderCreate(o)   sout_EncoderCreate(VLC_OBJECT(o))
#define sout_AnnounceRegisterSDP(o, sdp, addr)   sout_AnnounceRegisterSDP(VLC_OBJECT (o), sdp, addr)
#define sout_AnnounceUnRegister(o, a)   sout_AnnounceUnRegister(VLC_OBJECT (o), a)


typedef struct sout_description_data_t sout_description_data_t
 Description module. More...


enum  sout_stream_query_e { SOUT_STREAM_EMPTY }


void sout_StreamChainDelete (sout_stream_t *p_first, sout_stream_t *p_last)
sout_stream_tsout_StreamChainNew (sout_instance_t *p_sout, const char *psz_chain, sout_stream_t *p_next, sout_stream_t **p_last)
static void * sout_StreamIdAdd (sout_stream_t *s, const es_format_t *fmt)
static void sout_StreamIdDel (sout_stream_t *s, void *id)
static int sout_StreamIdSend (sout_stream_t *s, void *id, block_t *b)
static void sout_StreamFlush (sout_stream_t *s, void *id)
static int sout_StreamControlVa (sout_stream_t *s, int i_query, va_list args)
static int sout_StreamControl (sout_stream_t *s, int i_query,...)
encoder_tsout_EncoderCreate (vlc_object_t *obj)
session_descriptor_tsout_AnnounceRegisterSDP (vlc_object_t *, const char *, const char *)
 Registers a new session with the announce handler, using a pregenerated SDP. More...
void sout_AnnounceUnRegister (vlc_object_t *, session_descriptor_t *)
 Unregisters an existing session. More...
int vlc_sdp_Start (struct vlc_memstream *, vlc_object_t *obj, const char *cfgpref, const struct sockaddr *src, size_t slen, const struct sockaddr *addr, size_t alen)
void sdp_AddMedia (struct vlc_memstream *, const char *type, const char *protocol, int dport, unsigned pt, bool bw_indep, unsigned bw, const char *ptname, unsigned clockrate, unsigned channels, const char *fmtp)
void sdp_AddAttribute (struct vlc_memstream *, const char *name, const char *fmt,...)

Detailed Description

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ sout_AnnounceRegisterSDP

#define sout_AnnounceRegisterSDP (   o,
)    sout_AnnounceRegisterSDP(VLC_OBJECT (o), sdp, addr)

◆ sout_AnnounceUnRegister

#define sout_AnnounceUnRegister (   o,
)    sout_AnnounceUnRegister(VLC_OBJECT (o), a)

◆ sout_EncoderCreate

#define sout_EncoderCreate (   o)    sout_EncoderCreate(VLC_OBJECT(o))

Typedef Documentation

◆ sout_description_data_t

Description module.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ sout_stream_query_e


Function Documentation

◆ sdp_AddAttribute()

void sdp_AddAttribute ( struct vlc_memstream ,
const char *  name,
const char *  fmt,

References VLC_UNUSED.

◆ sdp_AddMedia()

void sdp_AddMedia ( struct vlc_memstream ,
const char *  type,
const char *  protocol,
int  dport,
unsigned  pt,
bool  bw_indep,
unsigned  bw,
const char *  ptname,
unsigned  clockrate,
unsigned  channels,
const char *  fmtp 

References VLC_UNUSED.

◆ sout_AnnounceRegisterSDP()

session_descriptor_t* sout_AnnounceRegisterSDP ( vlc_object_t obj,
const char *  sdp,
const char *  dst 

◆ sout_AnnounceUnRegister()

void sout_AnnounceUnRegister ( vlc_object_t obj,
session_descriptor_t session 

◆ sout_EncoderCreate()

encoder_t* sout_EncoderCreate ( vlc_object_t obj)

References msg_Err, and vlc_custom_create.

◆ sout_StreamChainDelete()

void sout_StreamChainDelete ( sout_stream_t p_first,
sout_stream_t p_last 

◆ sout_StreamChainNew()

sout_stream_t* sout_StreamChainNew ( sout_instance_t p_sout,
const char *  psz_chain,
sout_stream_t p_next,
sout_stream_t **  p_last 

◆ sout_StreamControl()

static int sout_StreamControl ( sout_stream_t s,
int  i_query,

◆ sout_StreamControlVa()

static int sout_StreamControlVa ( sout_stream_t s,
int  i_query,
va_list  args 

< Unspecified error

References sout_stream_t::pf_control, and VLC_EGENERIC.

Referenced by sout_StreamControl().

◆ sout_StreamFlush()

static void sout_StreamFlush ( sout_stream_t s,
void *  id 

References sout_stream_t::pf_flush.

Referenced by sout_InputFlush().

◆ sout_StreamIdAdd()

static void* sout_StreamIdAdd ( sout_stream_t s,
const es_format_t fmt 

References sout_stream_t::pf_add.

Referenced by sout_InputNew().

◆ sout_StreamIdDel()

static void sout_StreamIdDel ( sout_stream_t s,
void *  id 

References sout_stream_t::pf_del.

Referenced by sout_InputDelete().

◆ sout_StreamIdSend()

static int sout_StreamIdSend ( sout_stream_t s,
void *  id,
block_t b 

References sout_stream_t::pf_send.

Referenced by sout_InputSendBuffer().

◆ vlc_sdp_Start()

int vlc_sdp_Start ( struct vlc_memstream ,
vlc_object_t obj,
const char *  cfgpref,
const struct sockaddr *  src,
size_t  slen,
const struct sockaddr *  addr,
size_t  alen 

References VLC_UNUSED.