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String helpers


file  vlc_charset.h
 Characters sets handling.
file  vlc_strings.h
 Helper functions for nul-terminated strings.
file  vlc_url.h
 This file defines functions for manipulating URL in vlc.


static int vlc_ascii_toupper (int c)
static int vlc_ascii_tolower (int c)
static int vlc_ascii_strcasecmp (const char *psz1, const char *psz2)
 Compare two ASCII strings ignoring case. More...
static int vlc_ascii_strncasecmp (const char *psz1, const char *psz2, size_t n)
void vlc_xml_decode (char *st)
 Decodes XML entities. More...
char * vlc_xml_encode (const char *str)
 Encodes XML entites. More...
char * vlc_b64_encode_binary (const uint8_t *, size_t)
char * vlc_b64_encode (const char *)
size_t vlc_b64_decode_binary_to_buffer (uint8_t *p_dst, size_t i_dst_max, const char *psz_src)
size_t vlc_b64_decode_binary (uint8_t **pp_dst, const char *psz_src)
char * vlc_b64_decode (const char *psz_src)
char * vlc_strftime (const char *)
 Convenience wrapper for strftime(). More...
char * vlc_strfinput (input_thread_t *, const char *)
 Formats input meta-data. More...
static char * str_format (input_thread_t *input, const char *fmt)
void filename_sanitize (char *)
 Sanitize a file name. More...

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

void filename_sanitize ( char *  str)

Sanitize a file name.

Remove forbidden, potentially forbidden and otherwise evil characters from file names. That includes slashes, and popular characters like colon (on Unix anyway).

This function should only be used for automatically generated file names. Do not use this on full paths, only single file names without any directory separator!

References EnsureUTF8().

Referenced by ArtCacheGetDirPath(), ArtCacheName(), input_CreateFilename(), and vout_snapshot_SaveImage().

static char* str_format ( input_thread_t input,
const char *  fmt 
static int vlc_ascii_strcasecmp ( const char *  psz1,
const char *  psz2 

Compare two ASCII strings ignoring case.

The result is independent of the locale. If there are non-ASCII characters in the strings, their cases are NOT ignored in the comparison.

References vlc_ascii_tolower().

Referenced by cookie_domain_matches(), demux_mapping_cmp(), vlc_http_cookies_store(), and vlc_http_res_init().

static int vlc_ascii_strncasecmp ( const char *  psz1,
const char *  psz2,
size_t  n 
static int vlc_ascii_tolower ( int  c)
static int vlc_ascii_toupper ( int  c)
char* vlc_b64_decode ( const char *  psz_src)
size_t vlc_b64_decode_binary ( uint8_t **  pp_dst,
const char *  psz_src 
size_t vlc_b64_decode_binary_to_buffer ( uint8_t *  p_dst,
size_t  i_dst_max,
const char *  psz_src 

References p.

Referenced by pgp_unarmor(), vlc_b64_decode(), and vlc_b64_decode_binary().

char* vlc_b64_encode ( const char *  )
char* vlc_b64_encode_binary ( const uint8_t *  ,
char* vlc_strfinput ( input_thread_t ,
const char *   
char* vlc_strftime ( const char *  )

Convenience wrapper for strftime().

Formats the current time into a heap-allocated string.

tformattime format (as with C strftime())
an allocated string (must be free()'d), or NULL on memory error.

References localtime_r(), strdup(), and vlc_assert_unreachable.

Referenced by str_format().

void vlc_xml_decode ( char *  st)

Decodes XML entities.

Decodes a null-terminated UTF-8 string of XML character data into a regular nul-terminated UTF-8 string. In other words, replaces XML entities and numerical character references with the corresponding characters.

This function operates in place (the output is always of smaller or equal length than the input) and always succeeds.

strnull-terminated string [IN/OUT]

References cmp_entity(), xml_entity_s::psz_char, xml_entity_s::psz_entity, psz_value, and xml_entities.

char* vlc_xml_encode ( const char *  str)

Encodes XML entites.

Substitutes unsafe characters in a null-terminated UTF-8 strings with an XML entity or numerical character reference.

strnull terminated UTF-8 string
On success, a heap-allocated null-terminated string is returned. If the input string was not a valid UTF-8 sequence, NULL is returned and errno is set to EILSEQ. If there was not enough memory, NULL is returned and errno is to ENOMEM.

References likely, unlikely, and vlc_towc().

Referenced by httpd_HtmlError().