VLC  4.0.0-dev
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#define vlc_rd_get_names(a, b, c)   vlc_rd_get_names(VLC_OBJECT(a), b, c)


int vlc_rd_get_names (vlc_object_t *p_obj, char ***pppsz_names, char ***pppsz_longnames)
 Return a list of renderer discovery modules. More...
vlc_renderer_discovery_tvlc_rd_new (vlc_object_t *p_obj, const char *psz_name, const struct vlc_renderer_discovery_owner *owner)
 Create a new renderer discovery module. More...
void vlc_rd_release (vlc_renderer_discovery_t *p_rd)

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◆ vlc_rd_get_names

#define vlc_rd_get_names (   a,
)    vlc_rd_get_names(VLC_OBJECT(a), b, c)

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◆ vlc_rd_get_names()

int vlc_rd_get_names ( vlc_object_t p_obj,
char ***  pppsz_names,
char ***  pppsz_longnames 

Return a list of renderer discovery modules.

pppsz_namesa pointer to a list of module name, NULL terminated
pppsz_longnamesa pointer to a list of module longname, NULL terminated
VLC_SUCCESS on success, or VLC_EGENERIC on error

References vlc_rd_probe::psz_longname, vlc_rd_probe::psz_name, unlikely, vlc_alloc(), VLC_EGENERIC, vlc_probe, and VLC_SUCCESS.

◆ vlc_rd_new()

vlc_renderer_discovery_t* vlc_rd_new ( vlc_object_t p_obj,
const char *  psz_name,
const struct vlc_renderer_discovery_owner owner 

Create a new renderer discovery module.

psz_namename of the module to load, see vlc_rd_get_names() to get the list of names
a valid vlc_renderer_discovery, need to be released with vlc_rd_release()

◆ vlc_rd_release()

void vlc_rd_release ( vlc_renderer_discovery_t p_rd)