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Log messages subscription

These functions deal with log messages. More...

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typedef void(* vlc_log_cb )(void *data, int type, const vlc_log_t *item, const char *fmt, va_list args)
 Message logging callback signature.


void vlc_LogSet (libvlc_int_t *, vlc_log_cb cb, void *data)
 Sets the message logging callback.

Detailed Description

These functions deal with log messages.

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* vlc_log_cb)(void *data, int type, const vlc_log_t *item, const char *fmt, va_list args)

Message logging callback signature.

datadata pointer as provided to vlc_msg_SetCallback().
typemessage type (VLC_MSG_* values from enum vlc_log_type)
itemmeta information
fmtformat string
argsformat string arguments

Function Documentation

void vlc_LogSet ( libvlc_int_t vlc,
vlc_log_cb  cb,
void *  opaque 

Sets the message logging callback.

cbmessage callback, or NULL to reset
datadata pointer for the message callback

References libvlc_priv_t::cb, libvlc_priv(), libvlc_priv_t::lock, libvlc_priv_t::log, msg_Dbg, libvlc_priv_t::opaque, PrintColorMsg(), PrintMsg(), psz_vlc_changeset, var_InheritBool, libvlc_priv_t::verbose, vlc_rwlock_unlock(), and vlc_rwlock_wrlock().

Referenced by vlc_LogInit().