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oLibVLCLibVLC is the external programming interface of the VLC media player
|oLibVLC playlist (legacy)
|oLibVLC coreBefore it can do anything useful, LibVLC must be initialized
||oLibVLC error handling
||oLibVLC asynchronous eventsLibVLC emits asynchronous events
||\LibVLC loggingLibvlc_log_* functions provide access to the LibVLC messages log
|oLibVLC timeThese functions provide access to the LibVLC time/clock
|oLibVLC medialibvlc_media_t is an abstract representation of a playable media
|oLibVLC media discoveryLibVLC media discovery finds available media via various means
|oLibVLC media library
|oLibVLC media listA LibVLC media list holds multiple libvlc_media_t media descriptors
|oLibVLC media list playerThe LibVLC media list player plays a libvlc_media_list_t list of media, in a certain order
|oLibVLC media playerA LibVLC media player plays one media (usually in a custom drawable)
||oLibVLC video controls
||\LibVLC audio controls
oCodecDecoders and encoders
|oDecoderAudio, video and text decoders
|\EncoderAudio, video and text encoders
oInputInput thread
|oAccessRaw input byte streams
|oDemultiplexerDemultiplexers (file format parsers)
|oES outputElementary streams output
|oInput variablesThe input provides multiples variable you can write to and/or read from
|\StreamBuffered input byte streams
oInterfaceVLC user interfaces
|oInteractionInteraction between user and modules
|\Software updatesOver-the-air VLC software updates
oInterruptible sleep
|oInterruptible sleep functions
|\Interrupt context signaling and manipulation
oLoggingMessage logs
oVLC objects
|\VariablesVLC object variables and callbacks
| oVariable typesThese are the different types a vlc variable can have
| oAdditive flagsThese flags are added to the type field of the variable
| \Variable actionsThese are the different actions that can be used with var_Change()
oVLC playlistVLC playlist controls
|\VLC playlist internals
oString helpers
oVariable actionsThese are the different actions that can be used with var_GetAndSet()
oVLMVLC stream manager
|\Video on Demand (VoD)Video on Demand (VOD) functionality provided by VLM
 oAudio output
 |\Audio output volume
 oFiltersAudio, video, text filters
 oStream output
 |oAccess outputRaw output byte streams
 |\MultiplexerMultiplexers (file formatters)
 \Video outputVideo rendering, output and window management
  oSub-picture channels
  |\On-screen display
  oVideo sub-picturesSubpictures are pictures that should be displayed on top of the video, like subtitles and OSD
  oVideo output displayVideo output display: output buffers and rendering
  \Video windowVideo output window management