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oPlaylistThe VLC playlist system has a tree structure
oLibVLCLibVLC is the external programming interface of the VLC media player
|oLibVLC playlist (legacy)
|oLibVLC coreBefore it can do anything useful, LibVLC must be initialized
||oLibVLC error handling
||oLibVLC asynchronous eventsLibVLC emits asynchronous events
||\LibVLC loggingLibvlc_log_* functions provide access to the LibVLC messages log
|oLibVLC timeThese functions provide access to the LibVLC time/clock
|oLibVLC medialibvlc_media_t is an abstract representation of a playable media
|oLibVLC media discoveryLibVLC media discovery finds available media via various means
|oLibVLC media library
|oLibVLC media listA LibVLC media list holds multiple libvlc_media_t media descriptors
|oLibVLC media list playerThe LibVLC media list player plays a libvlc_media_list_t list of media, in a certain order
|oLibVLC media playerA LibVLC media player plays one media (usually in a custom drawable)
||oLibVLC video controls
||\LibVLC audio controls
oDecoderThe structure describing a decoder
oEncoderThe structure describing a Encoder
oout Es Out
oInput variablesThe input provides multiples variable you can write to and/or read from
oInterfaceThese functions and structures are for interface management
|\InteractionInteraction between user and modules
oMessagesThis library provides basic functions for threads to interact with user interface, such as message output
oSubpicture UnitThis module describes the programming interface for the subpicture unit
oStreamThis will allow you to easily handle read/seek in demuxer modules
oVariablesFunctions for using the object variables in vlc
|oVariable typesThese are the different types a vlc variable can have
|oAdditive flagsThese flags are added to the type field of the variable
|\Variable actionsThese are the different actions that can be used with var_Change()
oVariable actionsThese are the different actions that can be used with var_GetAndSet()
oVLMVLM is the server core in vlc that allows streaming of multiple media streams at the same time
|\Video On Demand (VOD)Video On Demand (VOD) functionality is provided from VLM
\Video OutputThis module describes the programming interface for video output threads
 \Video SubpicturesSubpictures are pictures that should be displayed on top of the video, like subtitles and OSD