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static void playlist_Preparse (playlist_t *, playlist_item_t *)
static int RecursiveAddIntoParent (playlist_t *p_playlist, playlist_item_t *p_parent, input_item_node_t *p_node, int i_pos, bool b_flat, playlist_item_t **pp_first_leaf)
static int RecursiveInsertCopy (playlist_t *p_playlist, playlist_item_t *p_item, playlist_item_t *p_parent, int i_pos, bool b_flat)
static void input_item_subtree_added (input_item_t *p_input, input_item_node_t *subtree, void *user_data)
void playlist_AddSubtree (playlist_t *p_playlist, input_item_t *p_input, input_item_node_t *subtree)
static void input_item_changed (const vlc_event_t *p_event, void *user_data)
static int playlist_ItemCmpId (const void *a, const void *b)
static int playlist_ItemCmpInput (const void *a, const void *b)
playlist_item_tplaylist_ItemNewFromInput (playlist_t *p_playlist, input_item_t *p_input)
void playlist_ItemRelease (playlist_t *p_playlist, playlist_item_t *p_item)
 Release an item. More...
playlist_item_tplaylist_ItemGetById (playlist_t *p_playlist, int id)
 Finds a playlist item by ID. More...
playlist_item_tplaylist_ItemGetByInput (playlist_t *p_playlist, const input_item_t *item)
 Finds a playlist item by input item. More...
void playlist_Clear (playlist_t *p_playlist, bool b_locked)
 Clear the playlist. More...
int playlist_Add (playlist_t *p_playlist, const char *psz_uri, bool play_now)
 Playlist add. More...
int playlist_AddExt (playlist_t *p_playlist, const char *psz_uri, const char *psz_name, bool play_now, int i_options, const char *const *ppsz_options, unsigned i_option_flags)
 Add a MRL into the playlist or the media library, duration and options given. More...
int playlist_AddInput (playlist_t *p_playlist, input_item_t *p_input, bool play_now)
 Add an input item to the playlist node. More...
playlist_item_tplaylist_NodeAddInput (playlist_t *p_playlist, input_item_t *p_input, playlist_item_t *p_parent, int i_pos)
 Add an input item to a given node. More...
int playlist_NodeAddCopy (playlist_t *p_playlist, playlist_item_t *p_item, playlist_item_t *p_parent, int i_pos)
 Copy an item (and all its children, if any) into another node. More...
int playlist_InsertInputItemTree (playlist_t *p_playlist, playlist_item_t *p_parent, input_item_node_t *p_node, int i_pos, bool b_flat)
 Insert a tree of input items into a given playlist node. More...
static int ItemIndex (playlist_item_t *p_item)
int playlist_TreeMove (playlist_t *p_playlist, playlist_item_t *p_item, playlist_item_t *p_node, int i_newpos)
 Moves an item. More...
int playlist_TreeMoveMany (playlist_t *p_playlist, int i_items, playlist_item_t **pp_items, playlist_item_t *p_node, int i_newpos)
 Moves an array of items. More...
void playlist_SendAddNotify (playlist_t *p_playlist, playlist_item_t *item)
 Send a notification that an item has been added to a node. More...
vlc_tick_t playlist_GetNodeDuration (playlist_item_t *node)
 Get the duration of all items in a node. More...
static void ChangeToNode (playlist_t *p_playlist, playlist_item_t *p_item)


static const input_preparser_callbacks_t input_preparser_callbacks

Function Documentation

◆ ChangeToNode()

static void ChangeToNode ( playlist_t p_playlist,
playlist_item_t p_item 

◆ input_item_changed()

static void input_item_changed ( const vlc_event_t p_event,
void *  user_data 

◆ input_item_subtree_added()

static void input_item_subtree_added ( input_item_t p_input,
input_item_node_t subtree,
void *  user_data 

References playlist_AddSubtree().

◆ ItemIndex()

static int ItemIndex ( playlist_item_t p_item)

◆ playlist_ItemCmpId()

static int playlist_ItemCmpId ( const void *  a,
const void *  b 

◆ playlist_ItemCmpInput()

static int playlist_ItemCmpInput ( const void *  a,
const void *  b 

◆ playlist_Preparse()

static void playlist_Preparse ( playlist_t p_playlist,
playlist_item_t p_item 

◆ RecursiveAddIntoParent()

static int RecursiveAddIntoParent ( playlist_t p_playlist,
playlist_item_t p_parent,
input_item_node_t p_node,
int  i_pos,
bool  b_flat,
playlist_item_t **  pp_first_leaf 

◆ RecursiveInsertCopy()

static int RecursiveInsertCopy ( playlist_t p_playlist,
playlist_item_t p_item,
playlist_item_t p_parent,
int  i_pos,
bool  b_flat 

Variable Documentation

◆ input_preparser_callbacks

const input_preparser_callbacks_t input_preparser_callbacks
Initial value:
= {
.on_subtree_added = input_item_subtree_added,
static void input_item_subtree_added(input_item_t *p_input, input_item_node_t *subtree, void *user_data)
Definition: item.c:53