VLC  3.0.0-git
Data Fields
block_fifo_t Struct Reference

Internal state for block queues. More...

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Data Fields

vlc_mutex_t lock
vlc_cond_t wait
 Wait for data. More...
block_t ** pp_last
size_t i_depth
size_t i_size

Detailed Description

Internal state for block queues.

Field Documentation

◆ i_depth

size_t block_fifo_t::i_depth

◆ i_size

size_t block_fifo_t::i_size

◆ lock

vlc_mutex_t block_fifo_t::lock

◆ p_first

block_t* block_fifo_t::p_first

◆ pp_last

block_t** block_fifo_t::pp_last

◆ wait

vlc_cond_t block_fifo_t::wait

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