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Data Fields
decoder_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct vlc_common_members obj
es_format_t fmt_in
es_format_t fmt_out
bool b_frame_drop_allowed
int(* pf_decode )(decoder_t *, block_t *p_block)
block_t *(* pf_packetize )(decoder_t *, block_t **pp_block)
void(* pf_flush )(decoder_t *)
block_t *(* pf_get_cc )(decoder_t *, bool pb_present[4])
int(* pf_vout_format_update )(decoder_t *)
picture_t *(* pf_vout_buffer_new )(decoder_t *)
int i_extra_picture_buffers
 Number of extra (ie in addition to the DPB) picture buffers needed for decoding. More...
int(* pf_aout_format_update )(decoder_t *)
subpicture_t *(* pf_spu_buffer_new )(decoder_t *, const subpicture_updater_t *)
int(* pf_get_attachments )(decoder_t *p_dec, input_attachment_t ***ppp_attachment, int *pi_attachment)
mtime_t(* pf_get_display_date )(decoder_t *, mtime_t)
int(* pf_get_display_rate )(decoder_t *)
int(* pf_queue_video )(decoder_t *, picture_t *, block_t *p_cc, bool p_cc_present[4])
int(* pf_queue_audio )(decoder_t *, block_t *)
int(* pf_queue_sub )(decoder_t *, subpicture_t *)
void * p_queue_ctx

Field Documentation

bool decoder_t::b_frame_drop_allowed

Referenced by CreateDecoder(), and LoadDecoder().

es_format_t decoder_t::fmt_in
es_format_t decoder_t::fmt_out
int decoder_t::i_extra_picture_buffers

Number of extra (ie in addition to the DPB) picture buffers needed for decoding.

Referenced by LoadDecoder(), and vout_update_format().

struct vlc_common_members decoder_t::obj
vlc_meta_t* decoder_t::p_description
module_t* decoder_t::p_module
decoder_owner_sys_t* decoder_t::p_owner
void* decoder_t::p_queue_ctx

Referenced by ImageQueueVideo(), and ImageRead().

decoder_sys_t* decoder_t::p_sys
int(* decoder_t::pf_aout_format_update)(decoder_t *)
int( * decoder_t::pf_decode)(decoder_t *, block_t *p_block)
void( * decoder_t::pf_flush)(decoder_t *)

Referenced by DecoderProcessFlush(), and LoadDecoder().

int(* decoder_t::pf_get_attachments)(decoder_t *p_dec, input_attachment_t ***ppp_attachment, int *pi_attachment)
block_t*( * decoder_t::pf_get_cc)(decoder_t *, bool pb_present[4])
mtime_t(* decoder_t::pf_get_display_date)(decoder_t *, mtime_t)
int(* decoder_t::pf_get_display_rate)(decoder_t *)
block_t*( * decoder_t::pf_packetize)(decoder_t *, block_t **pp_block)
int(* decoder_t::pf_queue_audio)(decoder_t *, block_t *)
int(* decoder_t::pf_queue_sub)(decoder_t *, subpicture_t *)

Referenced by CreateDecoder(), and decoder_QueueSub().

int(* decoder_t::pf_queue_video)(decoder_t *, picture_t *, block_t *p_cc, bool p_cc_present[4])
subpicture_t*(* decoder_t::pf_spu_buffer_new)(decoder_t *, const subpicture_updater_t *)
picture_t*(* decoder_t::pf_vout_buffer_new)(decoder_t *)
int(* decoder_t::pf_vout_format_update)(decoder_t *)

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