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Data Fields
demux_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct vlc_common_members obj
char * psz_access
char * psz_demux
char * psz_location
char * psz_file
union {
   stream_t *   s
 Input stream. More...
   demux_t *   p_next
 Input demuxer. More...
bool b_preparsing
int(* pf_demux )(demux_t *)
int(* pf_control )(demux_t *, int i_query, va_list args)
struct {
   unsigned int   i_update
   int   i_title
   int   i_seekpoint

Field Documentation

◆ @155

union { ... }

◆ b_preparsing

bool demux_t::b_preparsing

Referenced by demux_NewAdvanced().

◆ i_seekpoint

int demux_t::i_seekpoint

◆ i_title

int demux_t::i_title

◆ i_update

unsigned int demux_t::i_update

◆ info

struct { ... } demux_t::info

◆ obj

struct vlc_common_members demux_t::obj

◆ out

es_out_t* demux_t::out

◆ p_input

input_thread_t* demux_t::p_input

◆ p_module

module_t* demux_t::p_module

◆ p_next

demux_t* demux_t::p_next

Input demuxer.

If the module capability is "demux_filter", this is the upstream demuxer or demux filter. Otherwise, this is undefined.

Referenced by demux_DestroyDemuxFilter(), and demux_FilterNew().

◆ p_sys

demux_sys_t* demux_t::p_sys

◆ pf_control

int(* demux_t::pf_control) (demux_t *, int i_query, va_list args)

◆ pf_demux

int(* demux_t::pf_demux) (demux_t *)

◆ psz_access

char* demux_t::psz_access

◆ psz_demux

char* demux_t::psz_demux

◆ psz_file

char* demux_t::psz_file

◆ psz_location

char* demux_t::psz_location

◆ s

stream_t* demux_t::s

Input stream.

Depending on the module capability:

  • "demux": input byte stream (not NULL)
  • "access_demux": a NULL pointer
  • "demux_filter": undefined

Referenced by demux_DestroyAccessDemux(), demux_DestroyDemux(), demux_IsContentType(), demux_NewAdvanced(), demux_Probe(), demux_UpdateTitleFromStream(), and demux_vaControl().

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