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Data Fields
es_out_sys_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

vlc_mutex_t lock
int i_pgrm
es_out_pgrm_t ** pgrm
int i_id
int i_es
es_out_id_t ** es
bool b_active
int i_mode
es_out_es_props_t video
es_out_es_props_t audio
es_out_es_props_t sub
int i_group_id
int64_t i_audio_delay
int64_t i_spu_delay
mtime_t i_pts_delay
mtime_t i_pts_jitter
int i_cr_average
int i_rate
bool b_paused
mtime_t i_pause_date
mtime_t i_preroll_end
bool b_buffering
mtime_t i_buffering_extra_initial
mtime_t i_buffering_extra_stream
mtime_t i_buffering_extra_system
int i_prev_stream_level
int64_t i_tmp_size_max
char * psz_tmp_path
bool b_delayed
bool b_input_paused
bool b_input_paused_source
int i_input_rate
int i_input_rate_source
es_out_id_t ** pp_es

Field Documentation

◆ audio

es_out_es_props_t es_out_sys_t::audio

◆ b_active

bool es_out_sys_t::b_active

◆ b_buffering

bool es_out_sys_t::b_buffering

◆ b_delayed

bool es_out_sys_t::b_delayed

◆ b_input_paused

bool es_out_sys_t::b_input_paused

◆ b_input_paused_source

bool es_out_sys_t::b_input_paused_source

◆ b_paused

bool es_out_sys_t::b_paused

◆ es

es_out_id_t** es_out_sys_t::es

◆ i_audio_delay

int64_t es_out_sys_t::i_audio_delay

◆ i_buffering_extra_initial

mtime_t es_out_sys_t::i_buffering_extra_initial

◆ i_buffering_extra_stream

mtime_t es_out_sys_t::i_buffering_extra_stream

◆ i_buffering_extra_system

mtime_t es_out_sys_t::i_buffering_extra_system

◆ i_cr_average

int es_out_sys_t::i_cr_average

◆ i_es

int es_out_sys_t::i_es

◆ i_group_id

int es_out_sys_t::i_group_id

◆ i_id

int es_out_sys_t::i_id

Referenced by EsOutAddSlave().

◆ i_input_rate

int es_out_sys_t::i_input_rate

◆ i_input_rate_source

int es_out_sys_t::i_input_rate_source

◆ i_mode

int es_out_sys_t::i_mode

◆ i_pause_date

mtime_t es_out_sys_t::i_pause_date

◆ i_pgrm

int es_out_sys_t::i_pgrm

◆ i_preroll_end

mtime_t es_out_sys_t::i_preroll_end

◆ i_prev_stream_level

int es_out_sys_t::i_prev_stream_level

◆ i_pts_delay

mtime_t es_out_sys_t::i_pts_delay

◆ i_pts_jitter

mtime_t es_out_sys_t::i_pts_jitter

Referenced by EsOutControlLocked().

◆ i_rate

int es_out_sys_t::i_rate

◆ i_spu_delay

int64_t es_out_sys_t::i_spu_delay

◆ i_tmp_size_max

int64_t es_out_sys_t::i_tmp_size_max

Referenced by input_EsOutTimeshiftNew(), and TsStart().

◆ lock

vlc_mutex_t es_out_sys_t::lock

◆ p_input

input_thread_t * es_out_sys_t::p_input

◆ p_out

es_out_t* es_out_sys_t::p_out

◆ p_pgrm

es_out_pgrm_t* es_out_sys_t::p_pgrm

◆ p_sout_record

sout_instance_t* es_out_sys_t::p_sout_record

◆ p_ts

ts_thread_t* es_out_sys_t::p_ts

◆ pgrm

es_out_pgrm_t** es_out_sys_t::pgrm

◆ pp_es

es_out_id_t** es_out_sys_t::pp_es

◆ psz_tmp_path

char* es_out_sys_t::psz_tmp_path

◆ sub

es_out_es_props_t es_out_sys_t::sub

◆ video

es_out_es_props_t es_out_sys_t::video

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