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Data Fields
input_item_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

int i_id
 Identifier of the item.
char * psz_name
 text describing this item
char * psz_uri
 mrl of this item
int i_options
 Number of input options.
char ** ppsz_options
 Array of input options.
uint8_t * optflagv
 Some flags of input options.
unsigned optflagc
mtime_t i_duration
 Duration in microseconds.
int i_categories
 Number of info categories.
info_category_t ** pp_categories
 Pointer to the first info category.
int i_es
 Number of es format descriptions.
es_format_t ** es
 Es formats.
int i_epg
 Number of EPG entries.
vlc_epg_t ** pp_epg
 EPG entries.
vlc_event_manager_t event_manager
vlc_mutex_t lock
 Lock for the item.
uint8_t i_type
 Type (file, disc, ...
bool b_error_when_reading
 Error When Reading.

Field Documentation

bool input_item_t::b_error_when_reading
es_format_t** input_item_t::es
vlc_event_manager_t input_item_t::event_manager
int input_item_t::i_categories
mtime_t input_item_t::i_duration
int input_item_t::i_epg
int input_item_t::i_es
int input_item_t::i_id

Identifier of the item.

Referenced by input_item_NewWithType().

int input_item_t::i_options
uint8_t input_item_t::i_type
vlc_mutex_t input_item_t::lock
unsigned input_item_t::optflagc
uint8_t* input_item_t::optflagv
vlc_meta_t* input_item_t::p_meta
input_stats_t* input_item_t::p_stats
info_category_t** input_item_t::pp_categories
vlc_epg_t** input_item_t::pp_epg
char** input_item_t::ppsz_options
char* input_item_t::psz_name
char* input_item_t::psz_uri

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