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Data Fields
input_source_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct vlc_common_members obj
 Demux plugin instance. More...
bool b_title_demux
int i_title
input_title_t ** title
int i_title_offset
int i_seekpoint_offset
int i_title_start
int i_title_end
int i_seekpoint_start
int i_seekpoint_end
bool b_can_pause
bool b_can_pace_control
bool b_can_rate_control
bool b_can_stream_record
bool b_rescale_ts
double f_fps
int64_t i_pts_delay
bool b_eof

Field Documentation

◆ b_can_pace_control

bool input_source_t::b_can_pace_control

Referenced by InitTitle(), and InputSourceNew().

◆ b_can_pause

bool input_source_t::b_can_pause

Referenced by InitTitle(), and InputSourceNew().

◆ b_can_rate_control

bool input_source_t::b_can_rate_control

Referenced by InitTitle(), and InputSourceNew().

◆ b_can_stream_record

bool input_source_t::b_can_stream_record

Referenced by InputSourceNew().

◆ b_eof

bool input_source_t::b_eof

◆ b_rescale_ts

bool input_source_t::b_rescale_ts

Referenced by InputSourceNew().

◆ b_title_demux

bool input_source_t::b_title_demux

◆ f_fps

double input_source_t::f_fps

◆ i_pts_delay

int64_t input_source_t::i_pts_delay

Referenced by InputSourceNew(), and UpdatePtsDelay().

◆ i_seekpoint_end

int input_source_t::i_seekpoint_end

◆ i_seekpoint_offset

int input_source_t::i_seekpoint_offset

◆ i_seekpoint_start

int input_source_t::i_seekpoint_start

◆ i_title

int input_source_t::i_title

◆ i_title_end

int input_source_t::i_title_end

◆ i_title_offset

int input_source_t::i_title_offset

◆ i_title_start

int input_source_t::i_title_start

◆ obj

struct vlc_common_members input_source_t::obj

◆ p_demux

demux_t* input_source_t::p_demux

◆ title

input_title_t** input_source_t::title

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