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Data Fields
libvlc_priv_t Struct Reference

Private LibVLC instance data. More...

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Data Fields

libvlc_int_t public_data
struct {
   void(*   cb )(void *, int, const vlc_log_t
      *, const char *, va_list)
   void *   opaque
   signed char   verbose
   vlc_rwlock_t   lock
bool b_stats
 Whether to collect stats.
 the VLM singleton (or NULL)
 dialog provider
struct playlist_tplaylist
 Playlist for interfaces.
struct playlist_preparser_tparser
 Input item meta data handler.
struct vlc_actionsactions
 Hotkeys handler.
vlc_mutex_t structure_lock
vlc_exit_t exit

Detailed Description

Private LibVLC instance data.

Field Documentation

struct vlc_actions* libvlc_priv_t::actions

Hotkeys handler.

Referenced by libvlc_InternalCleanup(), and libvlc_InternalInit().

bool libvlc_priv_t::b_stats

Whether to collect stats.

Referenced by libvlc_InternalInit().

void(* libvlc_priv_t::cb)(void *, int, const vlc_log_t *, const char *, va_list)

Referenced by vlc_LogSet(), and vlc_vaLog().

vlc_exit_t libvlc_priv_t::exit
vlc_rwlock_t libvlc_priv_t::lock
struct { ... } libvlc_priv_t::log
void* libvlc_priv_t::opaque

Referenced by vlc_LogSet(), and vlc_vaLog().

vlc_object_t* libvlc_priv_t::p_dialog_provider
vlm_t* libvlc_priv_t::p_vlm
struct playlist_preparser_t* libvlc_priv_t::parser

Input item meta data handler.

Referenced by libvlc_ArtRequest(), libvlc_InternalCleanup(), libvlc_InternalInit(), and libvlc_MetaRequest().

struct playlist_t* libvlc_priv_t::playlist
libvlc_int_t libvlc_priv_t::public_data
vlc_mutex_t libvlc_priv_t::structure_lock
signed char libvlc_priv_t::verbose

Referenced by vlc_LogInit(), vlc_LogSet(), and vlc_vaLog().

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