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Data Fields
picture_t Struct Reference

Video picture. More...

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Data Fields

video_frame_format_t format
 The properties of the picture.
plane_t p [(5)]
 description of the planes
int i_planes
 number of allocated planes
 Private data - the video output plugin might want to put stuff here to keep track of the picture.
struct {
   atomic_uintptr_t   refcount
   void(*   pf_destroy )(picture_t *)
   picture_gc_sys_t *   p_sys
 This way the picture_Release can be overloaded.
struct picture_tp_next
 Next picture in a FIFO a pictures.
Picture management properties

These properties can be modified using the video output thread API, but should never be written directly

mtime_t date
 display date
bool b_force
Picture dynamic properties

Those properties can be changed by the decoder

bool b_progressive
 is it a progressive frame ?
bool b_top_field_first
 which field is first
unsigned int i_nb_fields

of displayed fields

void * context
 video format-specific data pointer, must point to a (void (*)(void*)) pointer to free the context

Detailed Description

Video picture.

Field Documentation

bool picture_t::b_force
bool picture_t::b_progressive

is it a progressive frame ?

Referenced by picture_CopyProperties(), picture_Reset(), and ThreadDisplayPreparePicture().

bool picture_t::b_top_field_first

which field is first

Referenced by picture_CopyProperties(), and picture_Reset().

void* picture_t::context

video format-specific data pointer, must point to a (void (*)(void*)) pointer to free the context

Referenced by PictureDestroyContext().

mtime_t picture_t::date
video_frame_format_t picture_t::format
struct { ... } picture_t::gc
unsigned int picture_t::i_nb_fields

of displayed fields

Referenced by picture_CopyProperties(), picture_Reset(), and picture_Setup().

int picture_t::i_planes
plane_t picture_t::p[(5)]
struct picture_t* picture_t::p_next
picture_sys_t* picture_t::p_sys
picture_gc_sys_t* picture_t::p_sys
void(* picture_t::pf_destroy)(picture_t *)
atomic_uintptr_t picture_t::refcount

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