VLC  4.0.0-dev
Data Fields

playlist item / node More...

Collaboration diagram for playlist_item_t:
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Data Fields

 Linked input item. More...
playlist_item_t ** pp_children
 Children nodes/items. More...
 Item parent. More...
int i_children
 Number of children, -1 if not a node. More...
unsigned i_nb_played
 Times played. More...
int i_id
 Playlist item specific id. More...
uint8_t i_flags
 Flags. More...

Detailed Description

playlist item / node

Field Documentation

◆ i_children

int playlist_item_t::i_children

◆ i_flags

uint8_t playlist_item_t::i_flags

◆ i_id

int playlist_item_t::i_id

◆ i_nb_played

unsigned playlist_item_t::i_nb_played

◆ p_input

input_item_t* playlist_item_t::p_input

◆ p_parent

playlist_item_t* playlist_item_t::p_parent

◆ pp_children

playlist_item_t** playlist_item_t::pp_children

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