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Data Fields
playlist_private_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

playlist_t public_data
struct intf_thread_tinterface
 Linked-list of interfaces. More...
void * input_tree
 Search tree for input item to playlist item mapping. More...
void * id_tree
 Search tree for item ID to item mapping. More...
vlc_sd_internal_t ** pp_sds
int i_sds
 Number of service discovery modules. More...
 the input thread associated with the current item More...
 input resources More...
struct {
   playlist_item_t *   p_item
 Currently playing/active item. More...
   playlist_item_t *   p_node
 Current node to play from. More...
struct {
   playlist_item_t *   p_node
 requested node to play from More...
   playlist_item_t *   p_item
 requested item to play in the node More...
   int   i_skip
 Number of items to skip. More...
   bool   b_request
 Set to true by the requester The playlist sets it back to false when processing the request. More...
vlc_thread_t thread
 engine th
vlc_mutex_t lock
 dah big playlist global lock More...
vlc_cond_t signal
 wakes up the playlist engine th
bool killed
 playlist is shutting down More...
int i_last_playlist_id
 Last id to an item. More...
bool b_reset_currently_playing
bool b_tree
 Reset current item array. More...
bool b_preparse
 Preparse items. More...

Field Documentation

bool playlist_private_t::b_preparse

Preparse items.

Referenced by GoAndPreparse().

bool playlist_private_t::b_request

Set to true by the requester The playlist sets it back to false when processing the request.

Referenced by GoAndPreparse(), input_item_add_subitem_tree(), LoopInput(), NextItem(), and Thread().

bool playlist_private_t::b_reset_currently_playing
bool playlist_private_t::b_tree

Reset current item array.

Display as a tree

int playlist_private_t::i_last_playlist_id

Last id to an item.

Referenced by playlist_ItemNewFromInput().

int playlist_private_t::i_sds
int playlist_private_t::i_skip

Number of items to skip.

Referenced by GoAndPreparse(), and NextItem().

void* playlist_private_t::id_tree

Search tree for item ID to item mapping.

Referenced by playlist_Create(), playlist_ItemGetById(), playlist_ItemNewFromInput(), and playlist_ItemRelease().

void* playlist_private_t::input_tree

Search tree for input item to playlist item mapping.

Referenced by playlist_Create(), playlist_ItemGetByInput(), playlist_ItemNewFromInput(), and playlist_ItemRelease().

struct intf_thread_t* playlist_private_t::interface

Linked-list of interfaces.

bool playlist_private_t::killed

playlist is shutting down

Referenced by LoopInput(), playlist_Create(), playlist_Deactivate(), and Thread().

vlc_mutex_t playlist_private_t::lock

dah big playlist global lock

Referenced by LoopInput(), playlist_Create(), playlist_Destroy(), and Thread().

input_thread_t* playlist_private_t::p_input

the input thread associated with the current item

Referenced by GoAndPreparse(), LoopInput(), PlayItem(), playlist_Destroy(), and Thread().

input_resource_t* playlist_private_t::p_input_resource
playlist_item_t* playlist_private_t::p_item

Currently playing/active item.

requested item to play in the node

Referenced by GoAndPreparse(), input_item_add_subitem_tree(), NextItem(), and RandomCallback().

playlist_item_t* playlist_private_t::p_node

Current node to play from.

requested node to play from

Referenced by input_item_add_subitem_tree(), NextItem(), and ResetCurrentlyPlaying().

vlc_sd_internal_t** playlist_private_t::pp_sds
playlist_t playlist_private_t::public_data

Referenced by playlist_Create().

struct { ... } playlist_private_t::request
vlc_cond_t playlist_private_t::signal
struct { ... } playlist_private_t::status
vlc_thread_t playlist_private_t::thread

engine thread

Referenced by playlist_Activate(), and playlist_Deactivate().

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