VLC  3.0.0-git
Data Fields
services_discovery_descriptor_t Struct Reference

Service discovery descriptor. More...

Data Fields

char * psz_short_desc
 The short description, human-readable. More...
char * psz_icon_url
 URL to the icon that represents it. More...
char * psz_url
 URL for the service. More...
int i_capabilities

Detailed Description

Service discovery descriptor.

See also

Field Documentation

◆ i_capabilities

int services_discovery_descriptor_t::i_capabilities

◆ psz_icon_url

char* services_discovery_descriptor_t::psz_icon_url

URL to the icon that represents it.

◆ psz_short_desc

char* services_discovery_descriptor_t::psz_short_desc

The short description, human-readable.

◆ psz_url

char* services_discovery_descriptor_t::psz_url

URL for the service.

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