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Data Fields
subpicture_region_t Struct Reference

Video subtitle region. More...

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Data Fields

video_format_t fmt
 format of the picture More...
 picture comprising this region More...
int i_x
 position of region More...
int i_y
 position of region More...
int i_align
 alignment within a region More...
int i_alpha
 transparency More...
 subtitle text, made of a list of segments More...
bool b_noregionbg
 render background under text only More...
bool b_gridmode
 if the decoder sends row/cols based output More...
 Private data for spu_t only More...

Detailed Description

Video subtitle region.

A subtitle region is defined by a picture (graphic) and its rendering coordinates. Subtitles contain a list of regions.

Field Documentation

bool subpicture_region_t::b_gridmode
bool subpicture_region_t::b_noregionbg

render background under text only

video_format_t subpicture_region_t::fmt
int subpicture_region_t::i_align
int subpicture_region_t::i_alpha
int subpicture_region_t::i_x
int subpicture_region_t::i_y
subpicture_region_t* subpicture_region_t::p_next

if the decoder sends row/cols based output

next region in the list

Referenced by picture_BlendSubpicture(), spu_PutSubpicture(), SpuRenderSubpictures(), subpicture_region_ChainDelete(), and vout_BuildOSDEpg().

picture_t* subpicture_region_t::p_picture
subpicture_region_private_t* subpicture_region_t::p_private

Private data for spu_t only

Referenced by SpuRenderRegion(), and subpicture_region_Delete().

text_segment_t* subpicture_region_t::p_text

subtitle text, made of a list of segments

Referenced by OSDTextUpdate(), SpuRenderText(), subpicture_region_Copy(), subpicture_region_Delete(), and vout_OSDEpgText().

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