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Data Fields
subs_format_t Struct Reference

subtitles format description More...

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Data Fields

char * psz_encoding
int i_x_origin
 x coordinate of the subtitle. More...
int i_y_origin
 y coordinate of the subtitle. More...
struct {
   uint32_t   palette [16+1]
   int   i_original_frame_width
   int   i_original_frame_height
struct {
   int   i_id
struct {
   int   i_magazine
   int   i_page
struct {
   uint8_t   i_reorder_depth

Detailed Description

subtitles format description

Field Documentation

◆ cc

struct { ... } subs_format_t::cc

Referenced by input_DecoderSetCcState().

◆ dvb

struct { ... } subs_format_t::dvb

◆ i_id

int subs_format_t::i_id

◆ i_magazine

int subs_format_t::i_magazine

Referenced by EsOutESVarUpdateGeneric().

◆ i_original_frame_height

int subs_format_t::i_original_frame_height

◆ i_original_frame_width

int subs_format_t::i_original_frame_width

◆ i_page

int subs_format_t::i_page

Referenced by EsOutESVarUpdateGeneric().

◆ i_reorder_depth

uint8_t subs_format_t::i_reorder_depth

Referenced by input_DecoderSetCcState().

◆ i_x_origin

int subs_format_t::i_x_origin

x coordinate of the subtitle.

0 = left

◆ i_y_origin

int subs_format_t::i_y_origin

y coordinate of the subtitle.

0 = top

◆ p_style

text_style_t* subs_format_t::p_style

◆ palette

uint32_t subs_format_t::palette[16+1]

◆ psz_encoding

char* subs_format_t::psz_encoding

◆ spu

struct { ... } subs_format_t::spu

◆ teletext

struct { ... } subs_format_t::teletext

Referenced by EsOutESVarUpdateGeneric().

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