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Data Fields
ts_cmd_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

int8_t i_type
mtime_t i_date
union {
   ts_cmd_add_t   add
   ts_cmd_del_t   del
   ts_cmd_send_t   send
   ts_cmd_control_t   control

Field Documentation

◆ add

ts_cmd_add_t ts_cmd_t::add

◆ control

ts_cmd_control_t ts_cmd_t::control

◆ del

ts_cmd_del_t ts_cmd_t::del

Referenced by CmdExecuteDel(), and CmdInitDel().

◆ i_date

mtime_t ts_cmd_t::i_date

◆ i_type

int8_t ts_cmd_t::i_type

◆ send

ts_cmd_send_t ts_cmd_t::send

◆ u

union { ... } ts_cmd_t::u

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