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Data Fields
video_splitter_t Struct Reference

Structure describing a video splitter. More...

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Data Fields

struct vlc_common_members obj
video_format_t fmt
int i_output
int(* pf_filter )(video_splitter_t *, picture_t *pp_dst[], picture_t *p_src)
int(* pf_mouse )(video_splitter_t *, vlc_mouse_t *, int i_index, const vlc_mouse_t *p_old, const vlc_mouse_t *p_new)
int(* pf_picture_new )(video_splitter_t *, picture_t *pp_picture[])
void(* pf_picture_del )(video_splitter_t *, picture_t *pp_picture[])

Detailed Description

Structure describing a video splitter.

Field Documentation

◆ fmt

video_format_t video_splitter_t::fmt

◆ i_output

int video_splitter_t::i_output

Referenced by vout_NewSplitter().

◆ obj

struct vlc_common_members video_splitter_t::obj

◆ p_cfg

config_chain_t* video_splitter_t::p_cfg

◆ p_module

module_t* video_splitter_t::p_module

◆ p_output

video_splitter_output_t* video_splitter_t::p_output

Referenced by vout_NewSplitter().

◆ p_owner

video_splitter_owner_t* video_splitter_t::p_owner

◆ p_sys

video_splitter_sys_t* video_splitter_t::p_sys

◆ pf_filter

int(* video_splitter_t::pf_filter) (video_splitter_t *, picture_t *pp_dst[], picture_t *p_src)

Referenced by video_splitter_Filter().

◆ pf_mouse

int(* video_splitter_t::pf_mouse) (video_splitter_t *, vlc_mouse_t *, int i_index, const vlc_mouse_t *p_old, const vlc_mouse_t *p_new)

Referenced by video_splitter_Mouse().

◆ pf_picture_del

void(* video_splitter_t::pf_picture_del) (video_splitter_t *, picture_t *pp_picture[])

◆ pf_picture_new

int(* video_splitter_t::pf_picture_new) (video_splitter_t *, picture_t *pp_picture[])

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