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Data Fields
vlc_chroma_description_t Struct Reference

Chroma related information. More...

Data Fields

unsigned plane_count
struct {
   struct {
      unsigned   num
      unsigned   den
   }   w
   struct {
      unsigned   num
      unsigned   den
   }   h
p [4]
unsigned pixel_size
unsigned pixel_bits

Detailed Description

Chroma related information.

Field Documentation

unsigned vlc_chroma_description_t::den
struct { ... } vlc_chroma_description_t::h
unsigned vlc_chroma_description_t::num
struct { ... } vlc_chroma_description_t::p[4]
unsigned vlc_chroma_description_t::pixel_bits
unsigned vlc_chroma_description_t::pixel_size

Referenced by picture_Setup().

unsigned vlc_chroma_description_t::plane_count
struct { ... } vlc_chroma_description_t::w

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