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Data Fields
vlc_gl_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct vlc_common_members obj
struct vout_window_tsurface
void * sys
int(* makeCurrent )(vlc_gl_t *)
void(* releaseCurrent )(vlc_gl_t *)
void(* resize )(vlc_gl_t *, unsigned, unsigned)
void(* swap )(vlc_gl_t *)
void *(* getProcAddress )(vlc_gl_t *, const char *)

Field Documentation

void*(* vlc_gl_t::getProcAddress)(vlc_gl_t *, const char *)

Referenced by vlc_gl_GetProcAddress().

int(* vlc_gl_t::makeCurrent)(vlc_gl_t *)
module_t* vlc_gl_t::module

Referenced by vlc_gl_Create(), and vlc_gl_Destroy().

struct vlc_common_members vlc_gl_t::obj
void(* vlc_gl_t::releaseCurrent)(vlc_gl_t *)

Referenced by vlc_gl_ReleaseCurrent().

void(* vlc_gl_t::resize)(vlc_gl_t *, unsigned, unsigned)

Referenced by vlc_gl_Resize().

struct vout_window_t* vlc_gl_t::surface
void(* vlc_gl_t::swap)(vlc_gl_t *)

Referenced by vlc_gl_Swap().

void* vlc_gl_t::sys

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