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Data Fields
vlc_thread Struct Reference

Data Fields

pthread_t thread
vlc_sem_t finished
void *(* entry )(void *)
void * data
struct {
   void *   addr
   vlc_mutex_t   lock
 Non-null if waiting on futex. More...
atomic_bool killed
bool killable
TID tid
HEV cancel_event
HEV done_event
int cancel_sock
bool detached
bool killed
vlc_cleanup_t * cleaners
struct {
   atomic_int *   addr

Field Documentation

atomic_int* vlc_thread::addr
void* vlc_thread::addr
HEV vlc_thread::cancel_event
int vlc_thread::cancel_sock
vlc_cleanup_t * vlc_thread::cleaners
void * vlc_thread::data
bool vlc_thread::detached
HEV vlc_thread::done_event
void *(* vlc_thread::entry)(void *)

Referenced by vlc_clone_attr(), and vlc_entry().

vlc_sem_t vlc_thread::finished
HANDLE vlc_thread::id
bool vlc_thread::killable
bool vlc_thread::killed
atomic_bool vlc_thread::killed
CRITICAL_SECTION vlc_thread::lock
vlc_mutex_t vlc_thread::lock

Non-null if waiting on futex.

Referenced by clean_detached_thread(), vlc_clone_attr(), and vlc_control_cancel().

pthread_t vlc_thread::thread
TID vlc_thread::tid

Referenced by vlc_clone_attr().

struct { ... } vlc_thread::wait
struct { ... } vlc_thread::wait

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