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Data Fields
vlc_url_t Struct Reference

Data Fields

char * psz_protocol
char * psz_username
char * psz_password
char * psz_host
unsigned i_port
char * psz_path
char * psz_option
char * psz_buffer

Field Documentation

unsigned vlc_url_t::i_port
char* vlc_url_t::psz_buffer
char* vlc_url_t::psz_host
char* vlc_url_t::psz_option
char* vlc_url_t::psz_password
char* vlc_url_t::psz_path

Referenced by input_item_SetURI().

char* vlc_url_t::psz_protocol

Referenced by input_item_SetURI().

char* vlc_url_t::psz_username

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