VLC  3.0.0-git
Data Fields
vlm_media_t Struct Reference

VLM media. More...

Data Fields

int64_t id
bool b_enabled
char * psz_name
int i_input
char ** ppsz_input
int i_option
char ** ppsz_option
char * psz_output
bool b_vod
struct {
   bool   b_loop
struct {
   char *   psz_mux

Detailed Description

VLM media.

Field Documentation

◆ b_enabled

bool vlm_media_t::b_enabled

◆ b_loop

bool vlm_media_t::b_loop

Referenced by Manage(), and vlm_media_Copy().

◆ b_vod

bool vlm_media_t::b_vod

◆ broadcast

struct { ... } vlm_media_t::broadcast

Referenced by Manage(), and vlm_media_Copy().

◆ i_input

int vlm_media_t::i_input

◆ i_option

int vlm_media_t::i_option

◆ id

int64_t vlm_media_t::id

◆ ppsz_input

char** vlm_media_t::ppsz_input

◆ ppsz_option

char** vlm_media_t::ppsz_option

◆ psz_mux

char* vlm_media_t::psz_mux

◆ psz_name

char* vlm_media_t::psz_name

◆ psz_output

char* vlm_media_t::psz_output

◆ vod

struct { ... } vlm_media_t::vod

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