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Data Fields
vout_control_cmd_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

int type
union {
   bool   boolean
   mtime_t   time
   mtime_t *   time_ptr
   char *   string
   int   integer
   struct {
      int   a
      int   b
   }   pair
   struct {
      bool   is_on
      mtime_t   date
   }   pause
   struct {
      int   channel
      char *   string
   }   message
   struct {
      unsigned   left
      unsigned   top
      unsigned   right
      unsigned   bottom
   }   border
   struct {
      unsigned   x
      unsigned   y
      unsigned   width
      unsigned   height
   }   window
   vout_window_mouse_event_t   window_mouse
   const vout_configuration_t *   cfg
   subpicture_t *   subpicture
   vlc_viewpoint_t   viewpoint

Field Documentation

int vout_control_cmd_t::a
int vout_control_cmd_t::b
bool vout_control_cmd_t::boolean
struct { ... } vout_control_cmd_t::border
unsigned vout_control_cmd_t::bottom
const vout_configuration_t* vout_control_cmd_t::cfg

Referenced by ThreadControl(), and vout_Request().

int vout_control_cmd_t::channel
mtime_t vout_control_cmd_t::date
unsigned vout_control_cmd_t::height
int vout_control_cmd_t::integer
bool vout_control_cmd_t::is_on
unsigned vout_control_cmd_t::left
struct { ... } vout_control_cmd_t::message
struct { ... } vout_control_cmd_t::pair
struct { ... } vout_control_cmd_t::pause

Referenced by ThreadControl(), and vout_ChangePause().

unsigned vout_control_cmd_t::right
char* vout_control_cmd_t::string
subpicture_t* vout_control_cmd_t::subpicture
mtime_t vout_control_cmd_t::time
mtime_t* vout_control_cmd_t::time_ptr

Referenced by ThreadControl(), and vout_NextPicture().

unsigned vout_control_cmd_t::top
int vout_control_cmd_t::type
union { ... } vout_control_cmd_t::u
vlc_viewpoint_t vout_control_cmd_t::viewpoint
unsigned vout_control_cmd_t::width
struct { ... } vout_control_cmd_t::window
vout_window_mouse_event_t vout_control_cmd_t::window_mouse
unsigned vout_control_cmd_t::x
unsigned vout_control_cmd_t::y

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