Chapter 6.  Other interfaces

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Graphical user interfaces
Control Interfaces

To select an interface: if you want it to be your main interface, either start VLC from the command line with --intf Myinterface, or use the Preferences Panel to set the Interface Module option. For Graphical User Interfaces, you might also have shortcuts created by the install program. If you want the interface to be an additionnal one, use the preferences window of your GUI to set the extra interface modules option. Alternatively, you can use the --extraintf command line option.

Graphical user interfaces

VLC includes several graphical user interfaces (GUI), according to your operating system

  • Windows

    There are two different graphical user interfaces for Windows. Shortcuts are created for both of them in the Start menu.


    This interface works both for Linux and Windows. It is currently the most complete and fully-featured interface.


    This interface also works both for Linux and Windows. It allows dramatic modifications of the look and feel of your VLC. This is still under development.

  • GNU/Linux

    Many graphical user interfaces are available for GNU/Linux (GTK+, Gnome, QT, KDE), but only two of them are currently maintained: the wxWindows and the Skins interface. You should probably use one of these.

  • Mac OS X

    Only one native GUI exists for this OS.

Control Interfaces

Control interfaces are here to provide alternative ways to control your VLC.


This interface was discussed in the previous chapter. It allows to remotely or locally control VLC through a webpage .


This allows you to control your VLC by doing mouse gestures in the video output window. By default, it is used by right-clicking and doing the gestures. Gestures are : left (previous), right (next), up-right (fullscreen), down-right (stop).


This allows you to control VLC using CORBA.


Use this interface when you want no interface! That is you just want to give a self-contained command-line string

For example :

 % vlc --intf dummy vcd://


This allows you to control VLC by typing commands in its terminal window.


Under GNU/Linux, this allows you to control VLC through an infrared remote control.


Under GNU/Linux, this allows you to control VLC using a joystick.