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A Panel can be seen as an enhanced Group. It also adds an offset to the elements it contains, but in addition it becomes their reference for the lefttop, rightbottom, xkeepratio and ykeepratio attributes. Panels can be nested.

General Attributes

X and Y
The coordinates of the item relative to the parent container (Layout, Panel or Group).

Width and Height
Initial width and height of the panel.

Lefttop and Rightbottom
Indicate to which corners of the parent container the item's corners are attatched to in case of resizing.
See also: "How to create a resizable window"

Keep X/Y ratio
Indicate whether the items relative horizontal and vertical positions in the parent container should be maintained when it is resized.
See also: "How to create a resizable window"
XML-attribute name: xkeepratio & ykeepratio

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