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static char * strdupnull (const char *src)
int config_GetType (const char *psz_name)
 Gets a configuration item type. More...
bool config_IsSafe (const char *name)
int64_t config_GetInt (const char *psz_name)
 Gets an integer configuration item. More...
float config_GetFloat (const char *psz_name)
 Gets an floating point configuration item. More...
char * config_GetPsz (const char *psz_name)
 Gets an string configuration item. More...
void config_PutPsz (const char *psz_name, const char *psz_value)
 Sets an string configuration item. More...
void config_PutInt (const char *psz_name, int64_t i_value)
 Sets an integer configuration item. More...
void config_PutFloat (const char *psz_name, float f_value)
 Sets an integer configuration item. More...
ssize_t config_GetIntChoices (const char *name, int64_t **restrict values, char ***restrict texts)
static ssize_t config_ListModules (const char *cap, char ***restrict values, char ***restrict texts)
ssize_t config_GetPszChoices (const char *name, char ***restrict values, char ***restrict texts)
static int confcmp (const void *a, const void *b)
static int confnamecmp (const void *key, const void *elem)
int config_SortConfig (void)
 Index the configuration items by name for faster lookups. More...
void config_UnsortConfig (void)
module_config_tconfig_FindConfig (const char *name)
 Looks up a configuration item. More...
void config_Free (module_config_t *tab, size_t confsize)
 Destroys an array of configuration items. More...
void config_ResetAll (void)
 Resets the configuration. More...


vlc_rwlock_t config_lock = PTHREAD_RWLOCK_INITIALIZER
bool config_dirty = false
struct {
   module_config_t **   list
   size_t   count
config = { NULL, 0 }

Function Documentation

◆ confcmp()

static int confcmp ( const void *  a,
const void *  b 

Referenced by config_SortConfig().

◆ config_Free()

void config_Free ( module_config_t tab,
size_t  confsize 

Destroys an array of configuration items.

configstart of array of items
confsizenumber of items in the array

References module_config_t::i_type, IsConfigStringType, module_config_t::list, module_config_t::list_count, module_config_t::list_text, module_value_t::psz, module_config_t::psz, and module_config_t::value.

Referenced by vlc_plugin_destroy().

◆ config_GetIntChoices()

ssize_t config_GetIntChoices ( const char *  name,
int64_t **restrict  values,
char ***restrict  texts 

◆ config_GetPszChoices()

ssize_t config_GetPszChoices ( const char *  name,
char ***restrict  values,
char ***restrict  texts 

◆ config_IsSafe()

bool config_IsSafe ( const char *  name)

◆ config_ListModules()

static ssize_t config_ListModules ( const char *  cap,
char ***restrict  values,
char ***restrict  texts 

◆ config_SortConfig()

int config_SortConfig ( void  )

◆ config_UnsortConfig()

void config_UnsortConfig ( void  )

References config.

Referenced by module_EndBank(), and module_LoadPlugins().

◆ confnamecmp()

static int confnamecmp ( const void *  key,
const void *  elem 

Referenced by config_FindConfig().

◆ strdupnull()

static char* strdupnull ( const char *  src)

References strdup().

Referenced by config_GetPsz(), and config_ResetAll().

Variable Documentation

◆ config

struct { ... } config

◆ config_dirty

bool config_dirty = false

◆ config_lock

vlc_rwlock_t config_lock = PTHREAD_RWLOCK_INITIALIZER

◆ count

size_t count

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