libdvbpsi  2.0.0-git
Data Fields
dvbpsi_s Struct Reference

DVBPSI handle structure. More...

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Data Fields

dvbpsi_message_cb pf_message
enum dvbpsi_msg_level i_msg_level
void * p_sys

Detailed Description

DVBPSI handle structure.

This structure provides a handle to libdvbpsi API and should be used instead of dvbpsi_decoder_t.

Field Documentation

◆ i_msg_level

enum dvbpsi_msg_level dvbpsi_s::i_msg_level

Log level

◆ p_decoder

dvbpsi_decoder_t* dvbpsi_s::p_decoder

private pointer to specific decoder

◆ p_sys

void* dvbpsi_s::p_sys

pointer to private data from caller. Do not use from inside libdvbpsi. It will crash any application.

◆ pf_message

dvbpsi_message_cb dvbpsi_s::pf_message

Log message callback

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