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Data Fields
block_bytestream_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

 byte stream head block More...
block_t ** pp_last
 tail ppointer for appends More...
 byte stream read pointer block More...
size_t i_block_offset
 byte stream read pointer offset within block More...
size_t i_base_offset
 block base offset (previous blocks total size) More...
size_t i_total
 total bytes over all linked blocks More...

Field Documentation

◆ i_base_offset

size_t block_bytestream_t::i_base_offset

block base offset (previous blocks total size)

Referenced by block_BytestreamFlush(), block_BytestreamInit(), block_BytestreamRemaining(), and block_GetBytes().

◆ i_block_offset

size_t block_bytestream_t::i_block_offset

◆ i_total

size_t block_bytestream_t::i_total

◆ p_block

block_t* block_bytestream_t::p_block

◆ p_chain

block_t* block_bytestream_t::p_chain

◆ pp_last

block_t** block_bytestream_t::pp_last

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