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extension_widget_t Struct Reference

Widget descriptor for extensions. More...

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Data Structures

struct  extension_widget_value_t

Data Fields

extension_widget_type_e type
 Type of the widget. More...
char * psz_text
 Text. May be NULL or modified by the UI. More...
 Chained list of values (Drop-down/List) More...
bool b_checked
 Is this entry checked. More...
int i_row
 Row in the grid. More...
int i_column
 Column in the grid. More...
int i_horiz_span
 Horizontal size of the object. More...
int i_vert_span
 Vertical size of the object. More...
int i_width
 Width hint. More...
int i_height
 Height hint. More...
bool b_hide
 Hide this widget (make it invisible) More...
int i_spin_loops
 Number of loops to play (-1 = infinite,. More...
bool b_kill
 Destroy this widget. More...
bool b_update
 Update this widget. More...
void * p_sys
 Reserved for the extension manager. More...
void * p_sys_intf
 Reserved for the UI, but: More...
 Parent dialog. More...

Detailed Description

Widget descriptor for extensions.

Field Documentation

bool extension_widget_t::b_checked

Is this entry checked.

bool extension_widget_t::b_hide

Hide this widget (make it invisible)

bool extension_widget_t::b_kill

Destroy this widget.

bool extension_widget_t::b_update

Update this widget.

int extension_widget_t::i_column

Column in the grid.

int extension_widget_t::i_height

Height hint.

int extension_widget_t::i_horiz_span

Horizontal size of the object.

int extension_widget_t::i_row

Row in the grid.

int extension_widget_t::i_spin_loops

Number of loops to play (-1 = infinite,.

int extension_widget_t::i_vert_span

Vertical size of the object.

int extension_widget_t::i_width

Width hint.

extension_dialog_t* extension_widget_t::p_dialog

Parent dialog.

void* extension_widget_t::p_sys

Reserved for the extension manager.

void* extension_widget_t::p_sys_intf

Reserved for the UI, but:

struct extension_widget_t::extension_widget_value_t * extension_widget_t::p_values

Chained list of values (Drop-down/List)

char* extension_widget_t::psz_text

Text. May be NULL or modified by the UI.

extension_widget_type_e extension_widget_t::type

Type of the widget.

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