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Data Fields
services_discovery_t Struct Reference

Main service discovery structure to build a SD module. More...

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Data Fields

struct vlc_common_members obj
 Loaded module. More...
vlc_event_manager_t event_manager
char * psz_name
 Main name of the SD. More...
 Configuration for the SD. More...
int(* pf_control )(services_discovery_t *, int, va_list)
 Control function. More...
 Custom private data. More...

Detailed Description

Main service discovery structure to build a SD module.

Field Documentation

vlc_event_manager_t services_discovery_t::event_manager
struct vlc_common_members services_discovery_t::obj
config_chain_t* services_discovery_t::p_cfg

Configuration for the SD.

Referenced by playlist_ServicesDiscoveryAdd(), vlc_sd_Create(), and vlc_sd_Destroy().

module_t* services_discovery_t::p_module

Loaded module.

Event manager You should access it through setters, outside of the core

Referenced by services_discovery_Destructor(), services_discovery_GetLocalizedName(), vlc_sd_Start(), and vlc_sd_Stop().

services_discovery_sys_t* services_discovery_t::p_sys

Custom private data.

int( * services_discovery_t::pf_control)(services_discovery_t *, int, va_list)

Control function.

See also

Referenced by vlc_sd_control().

char* services_discovery_t::psz_name

Main name of the SD.

Referenced by vlc_sd_Create(), vlc_sd_Destroy(), and vlc_sd_Start().

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