VLC  4.0.0-dev
Data Fields
spu_render_entry_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

vlc_tick_t orgstart
vlc_tick_t orgstop
vlc_tick_t start
vlc_tick_t stop
bool is_late
enum vlc_vout_order channel_order

Field Documentation

◆ channel_order

enum vlc_vout_order spu_render_entry_t::channel_order

◆ is_late

bool spu_render_entry_t::is_late

Referenced by spu_SelectSubpictures().

◆ orgstart

vlc_tick_t spu_render_entry_t::orgstart

◆ orgstop

vlc_tick_t spu_render_entry_t::orgstop

◆ start

vlc_tick_t spu_render_entry_t::start

◆ stop

vlc_tick_t spu_render_entry_t::stop

◆ subpic

subpicture_t* spu_render_entry_t::subpic

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