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Data Fields

TLS session. More...

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Data Fields

void * sys
int fd
struct virtual_socket_t sock
VLC_COMMON_MEMBERS \ * these members are common for all vlc objects \
const char * psz_object_type
char * psz_header
int i_flags
bool b_force
 set by the outside (eg. More...
 (root of all evil) - 1 More...
 our parent More...

Detailed Description

TLS session.

Field Documentation

bool vlc_tls::b_force

set by the outside (eg.


int vlc_tls::fd
int vlc_tls::i_flags
libvlc_int_t* vlc_tls::p_libvlc

(root of all evil) - 1

vlc_object_t* vlc_tls::p_parent

our parent

Referenced by vlc_tls_SessionDelete(), and vlc_tls_SessionHandshake().

char* vlc_tls::psz_header
const char* vlc_tls::psz_object_type
struct virtual_socket_t vlc_tls::sock

Referenced by vlc_tls_Read(), and vlc_tls_Write().

void* vlc_tls::sys

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