VLC  3.0.0-git
Data Fields

Transport layer socket. More...

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Data Fields

int(* get_fd )(struct vlc_tls *)
ssize_t(* readv )(struct vlc_tls *, struct iovec *, unsigned)
ssize_t(* writev )(struct vlc_tls *, const struct iovec *, unsigned)
int(* shutdown )(struct vlc_tls *, bool duplex)
void(* close )(struct vlc_tls *)
struct vlc_tlsp

Detailed Description

Transport layer socket.

Field Documentation

◆ close

void(* vlc_tls::close) (struct vlc_tls *)

◆ get_fd

int(* vlc_tls::get_fd) (struct vlc_tls *)

◆ p

struct vlc_tls* vlc_tls::p

◆ readv

ssize_t(* vlc_tls::readv) (struct vlc_tls *, struct iovec *, unsigned)

◆ shutdown

int(* vlc_tls::shutdown) (struct vlc_tls *, bool duplex)

◆ writev

ssize_t(* vlc_tls::writev) (struct vlc_tls *, const struct iovec *, unsigned)

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